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Tree Removal Service in Canton, Ohio

One of the most requested services we have would be for tree removal. This is also one of the most complicated tasks we perform. The concept behind it is simple, but the difficulty level of the job is high. People who remove trees need to have the skills and knowledge to successfully, as well as safely, pull it off.

Royce Tree Service is capable of dealing with different types of tree regardless of their species, age, and size. We also remove trees that are damaged and diseased.  

We start our service with an on-site assessment free of charge. We’ll get to you as soon as possible to assess tree or trees that need to be removed.

We always consider these factors among all others that may impact our service before giving you a free on-the-spot estimate:

  • The tree’s health
  • The structures on your property
  • The accessibility of the area

Before the day ends, we’ll send you a written quote based on the assessment done on your property. Also, you’ll be provided with all information you need to know about our company.

After receiving the written quote and once you’ve decided to work with us, we’ll contact you to schedule the most convenient day for the job. We’ll also discuss other details that weren’t mentioned during the on-site assessment.

The prices of our tree removal service depend on three base factors – the tree’s species, its size, and its location.

Some tree species are more difficult to remove than others. Trees with several main trunks need more time and effort to remove compared single-trunk trees.

The size of the tree is also an important factor in tree removal. It determines how long and difficult the removal will be.

Lastly, the tree’s location will determine the severity of the job’s safety. We would need to do extra measures to ensure that your house or business structure won’t get damaged or affected.

These factors may increase the price of our service. But, we’ll always be fair with our prices no matter what.

Tree Removal Canton

    Before the scheduled day of the job, we’ll call you to verify the time when our team will arrive. During the call, we would also discuss:

    • A review of the service’s details
    • Any changes with plans or the schedule
    • Other services you may want to avail

    We’re committed to the 2-hour window we give ourselves for getting to your place and jumpstarting the job. Once we reach your property, our foreman will discuss the work order or any concerns you may have. Then, we’ll get to work right away.

    These are the steps we follow when removing trees. We follow these steps with utmost care to safely remove trees.

    1. Our head tree cutter will begin with removing the tree’s bigger, main limbs.
    2. There’s a ground staff will cut the lower limbs and clear the area from debris.
    3. Any unwanted wooden pieces will go through a wood chipper.
    4. The cutting of the tree in sections will continue until the trunk is at the ground level.
    5. We leave the tree stump at any height you desire to facilitate stump grinding or for any other landscape project.

    Once we’re done, we’ll leave with no traces of the tree removal service. Our staff will clear your property of debris, branches, and other wooden materials. You can let us haul them away or you may keep them for yourself.

    Looking for an affordable and professional tree care company? Call Royce Tree Service for affordable and professional tree removal services in Ohio.

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