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Tree Stump Grinding Service, Canton, Ohio

Stumps are the by-products of tree removal jobs. Some homeowners often just leave them be and this might not cause much trouble, but in certain cases it can become a hazard. Not to mention the fact that it can also be unsightly.

Removing stumps can be done in two ways. The first method is physically removing the stump with heavy machinery such as backhoes. The other option would be grinding the stump until it sinks below ground surface.

The first method can be more costly and is also more difficult. Large-scale commercial developments usually request the first method given that they have ample space for the machinery. For private homeowners, the second method is more preferable. It does minimal damage to properties and it costs much less than the first one.

Royce Tree Service can successfully grind tree stumps while maintaining the area’s cleanliness. Our company uses Morbark grinders for this service. Despite the use of this heavy equipment, the grinding process will not leave any damages to your property. We always work with care and consideration for our surroundings.

The difficulty of stump grinding is based on several factors:

  • Species of the tree stump
  • Age
  • Root system

Trees can either be hardwoods or softwood. Hardwoods would take more time to grind compared to softwoods. Older trees can be also more difficult to grind.

The root system also plays an important role in stump grinding. If the stump’s root system runs deep into the soil, it’ll take much more time and effort to grind.

But, Royce Tree Service can grind any type of tree no regardless of its species, age, and root system. With our first-class equipment, we’ll deliver our services fast, efficiently, and safely.

Stump Grinding Canton

    Our stump grinding service consists of five steps:

    1. Clear and clean the area surrounding the stump. Rock, dirt, and gravel are removed using rakes and shovels.
    2. Cut the stump close to the ground using a chainsaw. This step will make grinding faster. It’ll also create less dust and wood chips during the process.
    3. Place the grinder over the tree stump about 3-6 inches. Then, lower it into the stump. Move it from side to side.
    4. Grind the stump until it is 3-6 inches below the ground.
    5. Clean the area of debris from grinding.

    Know that this process will leave a distinct mark on the ground. To cover this up, we can replant it with grass if requested.

    The grinding service can last for 30 minutes to even a few hours depending on the difficulty of the job. Do note, however, that we’ll handle everything from start to finish. We’ll clean up and make sure your grounds are spotless before we pack up.

    Call Royce Tree Service now if you want to remove that pesky stump off your lawn. We also offer discounts if you purchase multiple services, such as tree trimming and stump removal,  from us.

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