We have encountered many enthusiastic DIYers who love to do their own tree service. For these property owners, recruiting a professional tree service company is a luxury they don’t need. However, in reality, you can save hundreds, even thousands of dollars if you choose to leave tree care to the real experts.

Many homeowners don’t have the know-how and the necessary tools and experience to tackle a demanding task such as tree service. Save yourself from the hassle and danger of DIY tree care, and choose the best tree company to do the undertaking on your behalf.

Below are some crucial reasons why professional tree care is still the best:

Lack of Knowledge and Training

Tree work is not for the first-timers. It requires not only the basic knowledge of the anatomy of trees but also the proper technique in caring for them. Acquiring these skills take time and training, which professionals possess.

For instance, it calls for two different methods when cutting a tree in a restrained way than cutting it through the trunk. You first need to determine a drop zone to ensure the tree will not fall on your property. If an average homeowner lacks proper knowledge in this process, he may end up injuring someone or damaging their own house. Other hazardous situations, such as broken limbs, diseases, and other damages, can be challenging for a novice to identify, but not for a skilled tree specialist.

Lack of Situational Awareness

No matter how long you’ve been doing DIY tree care, you are still not safe from nearby hazards. Power lines are very dangerous, even to trained tree workers. This is why it is crucial to identify these hazards before starting the project. It can be challenging to steer around a tree in a hard to access location, which is why it should not be done by an inexperienced homeowner, in any way. If you are persistent, make sure to work with a team.

Using Incorrect Tools

You don’t use baking tools to fix a broken car. The same applies to tend to trees. Working with the wrong tools and not having the proper knowledge in operating puts yourself and others in danger. For instance, using chainsaws without adequate training may end you up in a hospital bed. Some property owners incorrectly use chainsaws to cut away branches on the ground, which may result in injuries.

Look for a Professional

Always be on the safe side, and call a tree specialist to assist you with your tree care concerns. A professional tree company can correctly diagnose your trees and tell you the best thing to do to keep your trees in the best shape. Don’t settle for anything less and put your property and life on the line. Choose Canton Tree to perform tree care to your landscape and work with you to the advantage of your trees. You can have peace of mind that all our employees have extensive experience in tree service and fully understand your trees’ needs.