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Storm Damage Clean Up Services, Canton, Ohio

Responding to emergency situations might be the most difficult job for tree professionals. These situations often involves dealing with uprooted trees, property damage, fallen limbs and branches.

Royce Tree Service is one company you can depend on during emergency situations. Our services are available 24/7, so you can call us anytime and we will respond to your needs as soon as possible. We always go the extra mile for all our customers in any situation you may need our help.

Here are some situations that may happen during a storm:

  • Getting trapped in a structure because the exit is blocked by a fallen tree or large branch.
  • A tree has fallen over the roof or other structures near it.
  • Trees or branches entangling electricity wires.

We are often among the first-respondents when it comes to storm damages. We clear fallen trees and other debris to make way for other organizations like the police, fire, and medical departments.

In case you’re caught in the middle of an emergency situation such as these, call Royce Tree Service Canton. You can depend on us to respond ASAP.

There are preventive measures, such as tree trimming,  you can also perform before a storm comes. You can have us inspect the trees on your property to make sure they can withstand it and not end up being a danger to your home. We will also give you free advice and suggest the best course of action to prevent bigger catastrophes.

Emergency Tree Service Canton

In case of a tree damage caused by storms, call use immediately. Do not risk your own safety by trying to fix the problem yourself. Once you call us, we will respond by following our emergency protocol:

  • A licensed expert will come to your property immediately to inspect the damage.
  • You’ll be provided with a written estimate onsite which includes the services needed and their costs. Once you accept the estimate given to you, our staff will call it in and we’ll send a response team ASAP. They’ll be equipped with the necessary tools and machinery for the job.
  • We’ll identify the severity of the situation. If utility companies are needed for the job, we’ll immediately call for their assistance.

    • Once our staff and your safety are assured, we’ll get to work immediately. We’ll clear your property from debris, branches, and fallen trees if there are any.
    • We will continue to work non-stop until your property has been cleared of all traces of storm damage. You can be sure that we’ll do everything to restore the beauty of your property and landscape.

    It’s important to call a tree service company that’s experienced in responding to emergency situations like Royce Tree Service. This way, you can rest assured that no further issue would arise.

    We are a company with licensed, bonded, and insured professionals that can respond to your urgent needs quickly. We know the dangers that our emergency respondents may face during these situations and as such, we make sure they are covered properly.

    Remember to call Royce Tree Service if you ever face any emergency tree damages.

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