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Royce Tree Service is the top tree service company in Canton, Ohio. You can check out reviews of our services on Angie’s List, Yelp, HomeAdvisor, and other review websites. You will find honest testimonies about the excellent customer services we offer.

Expect only the best tree services from our skilled crew. We ensure that all our customers are 100% satisfied with every job we do.  We are a customer-oriented business. If you’re looking for a tree service company that cares, you can rely on Royce Tree Service to get the job done with great consideration for your convenience. We’re the company that provides tree service Canton residents trust.  We are the tree service Canton, Ohio property owners call for professional, affordable tree care.  

About Royce Tree Service Canton Ohio

We have certified tree care experts that are knowledgeable and experienced. They know what would be best for your trees and for your whole landscape.

Royce Tree Service cares for the individual needs of the trees in your property. This is why we always put in that extra effort to care for them when working on jobs. Our experts have skills in both designing and maintaining landscapes as well.

We give importance to safety at Royce Tree Service. All our employees are insured, bonded, and licensed. This gives our clients that extra confidence when working with us. We also provide all our employees with workers compensation. Our full-time employees enjoy a number of different benefits as well.

The equipment we use helps us when it comes to providing the best tree services. We properly maintain every piece of first-class machinery and tool we use. This is what separates us from our competitors – we can work on larger and more difficult to handle trees.

Some landscapes owner fear of the damage that certain heavy equipment can do to their properties. On the other hand, some locations might be too small for larger machinery. Don’t worry, we can still deliver high-quality services through different methods.

We can use climbing harnesses and simple tools to get the job done. That said, you’ll still get the best results for your trees or landscape. This switch will not compromise the job that we’re capable of providing. Using simple equipment doesn’t prevent our employees from performing their tasks efficiently and safely.

Our company can provide services for different types of properties such as:

    • Residential
    • Commercial
    • Large-scale property developments
    • Investment properties

    We give importance to all of our customers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a residential owner or a large-scale property developer. We provide equal amounts of importance, time, and effort to all our customers.

    Professionalism is another trait that all our employees have. We follow our appointment schedules with customers strictly. Our experts would be able to give estimated prices as we’re assessing properties. This way, you know the possible costs of getting our services. Note that when you invite us for an assessment, you are under no obligation to work with us or sign anything on the spot. You can take your time to deliberate.

    If you’re in the area of Canton and you need a tree care service company, consider Royce Tree Service. Let us prove to you why we’re the tree care company Canton residents trust.

    Tree Removal Canton OH

    Picture of a employee cutting down a large tree in a bucket truck using a large crane in Canton, OH.There are trees that need to be removed because of two main reasons: visual improvement and safety.

    A tree that’s dying or is already dead poses a great danger to your home, business, and the people around it as well. Its declining health may also be caused by diseases. If this is the case, the best course of action is removing the tree so that it doesn’t infect other plants on your property.

    A natural disaster is another problem for tree owners. Some storms are strong enough to cause major damage to trees. In some cases, damaged trees can become hazardous.

    Sometimes trees need to be removed because they’re overgrown. There are also trees that cause landscape and health issues for other plants around them.

    Another reason for removing trees is when they’re already touching another structure within the same property. It can become a bigger problem for you in the future and it can also void the homeowners’ policy.

    Whatever the reason may be, we can remove any tree safely and efficiently. Removing trees is no easy task. It must be done by professionals with the right knowledge and skills to avoid potential danger to surrounding properties.

    Removing a tree involves planning, skill, and experience. These factors are important especially when the tree is near a structure. We at Royce Tree Service strictly observe these factors. We provide services like tree removal Canton to resolve potential issues this might cause before they even happen.

    Our removal service starts with the assessment. One of our expert arborists will visit your property after you schedule with us. Then, you will receive professional proposals on the best approaches for your tree. With the evaluation, you’ll also get an estimated price for our service. Once you’ve decided to avail our services, we’ll then set the schedule of the job.

    The tree removal services we offer include:

    • Removal of the tree
    • Cutting the tree into smaller pieces
    • Stacking or removal of the wooden pieces
    • Cleaning the area

    We’ll use the necessary equipment to finish the job within the scheduled time. But, we often complete our removal jobs in just one day.

    And when we leave after the task, your property will be good as new. We will leave no traces—not even any of the debris produced by the tree removal.

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    Tree Trimming Canton Ohio

    Picture of an employee in Canton, OH to trim a large tree for a customer.Tree trimming or pruning is not only an art, but it’s also a science. This is what many tree service companies don’t understand and observe when trimming trees. And when you hire unlicensed companies, you are risking your tree’s health and safety even further. This may end up with you having to spend more money.

    Royce Tree Service provides tree trimming Canton locals trust, not only for a tree or landscape beautification, but also for maintaining a tree’s health. Our main considerations when trimming trees are:

    1. Removal of dead, dangerous, and unpleasant limbs and branches
    2. Restoration of a tree’s symmetry if it’s overgrown or damaged
    3. Assessment of the tree’s health during the trimming process

    In your neighborhood, you may have noticed that many trees need professional trimming. This service is important if you want to improve the tree’s overall health and appearance. If you’re a homeowner who has a trees in their property you need to greatly consider caring for them.

    The process for our tree trimming services is no different from how we proceed with removing trees. When you call us, an expert will provide you professional advice. Later, you’ll also get an estimate price together with a scheduled time and date for the job.

    We’ll use heavy equipment to get the job done fast and safely. However, if you don’t want our large equipment on your property, we can also make use lighter alternatives such as safety harnesses.

    Our efficient ground staff helps with keeping the cleanliness and safety of the area. They clear out branches, limbs, debris that can be hazardous to you and other staff.

    If there are certain things that you want done in a specific way, feel free to guide us through it. If your requests would cause harm to your trees, it’s our responsibility to inform you about the risks. But, we will give you alternative options that takes into consideration all of your suggestions.

    Once we’re done, you will immediately see the results of the job. Your landscape will improve and anything that may have been an eyesore before would be cleared out. We’ll also make sure to leave no traces of the trimming job. Our staff will clean and leave your property as if we were never there.

    Stump Grinding

    Some homeowners can effectively trim the trees themselves (though we do not encourage this). But, Picture of an employee using heavy machinery to grind and remove a stump in the back yard of a home in Canton, OH.removing tree stumps is a different story.

    Most tree stumps will affect the beauty of landscapes and other properties. Property owners usually remove the stumps for this purpose. Of course, there’s also the fact that they can become hazards as well.

    Tree stumps can become home to pests like wasps, arts, and termites. These are dangerous especially for children and people with allergies.

    At Royce Tree Service, we use first-class equipment specially made for grinding stumps of different sizes. The process can be messy and may affect other plants around it. For this reason, we take extra precautions to limit the impact of the process. Once we’re done, we’ll clean up any debris left by the process and your property would be tidy once more.

    Stump grinding only takes about 30 minutes for smaller and older stumps. For larger, younger stumps, the process can last for several hours.

    Another service we offer is stump removal. Unlike stump grinding, this requires a lot more time and larger equipment. With stump grinding, we would only need to grind the stump below soil level and cover it up with dirt.

    But with stump removal, the entire stump and its roots will be removed. This is tedious work that only professionals should perform. Many tree care businesses without any license or insurance can do the job. However, know that in doing so, they’re also risking the safety of their employees and customers.

    It’s important to hire services from a well-trusted company, like Royce Tree Service. We provide insurance and benefits to all our employees.  You can also be sure that we only hire the best, most experienced and licensed tree care experts. This is why we always provide high-quality stump grinding or removal services.

    Royce Tree Service can handle any kind of tree stump. Call us and witness how we will restore your property to its former beauty.

    Storm Damage

    Many trees get damaged because of storms as they often come with strong winds and sometimes even hail. These can cause fallen trees, broken branches, and even structural damage to homes should the tree fall on it.

    Royce Tree Service can help you with these urgent problems efficiently and quickly. We understand how hazardous these trees can be for you and your home or business.  That’s why we provide emergency response 24/7 for storm tree damages.

    In cases where electrical lines tangled or get knocked down by a tree, give us a call as soon as possible. We will safely remove the trees to help power companies restore electricity in your area.

    Unlike other tree care companies, we’re always prepared with our heavy equipment to get things done fast. You can depend on us to service your trees in emergency situations. Our services are available even at night, on the weekends, and even on holidays.

    Our expert emergency responders are skilled and experienced in these kinds of situations. All you have to do is call us and we’ll take care of the rest. We can restore your property’s safety and cleanliness quickly and efficiently. We also won’t take advantage of your situation – we offer our services at fair prices even during emergencies.

    To prevent these problems in the future, you must always maintain your trees. A tree that’s well-maintained will fare better during storms and other natural disasters.

    For emergency or maintenance tree services, call Royce Tree Service, a company that truly cares.

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    Lot & Land Clearing

    Another service we provide is lot and land clearing. This service is often used in construction and development businesses. Few companies can handle this type of large-scale job, but Royce Tree Service can.

    Clearing lots and lands should only be done by professional tree care companies like us. We have the necessary equipment which help us perform the work needed efficiently. Our heavy machinery can also clear large areas, from backyards to large commercial development lots quickly.

    This job requires skill and experience; trust that our crew know how to handle everything that needs to be done. The process first begins with the assessment of the area. If there are a lot of trees, brush, and debris it would mean that it will take a longer time to finish the job.

    For construction and development purposes, trees need to be removed. The number of trees for large-scale projects can be overwhelming for inexperienced tree care companies. But, Royce Tree Service can deliver. We can remove large volumes of trees with the use of our state-of-the-art equipment.

    Our clearing service also includes cleaning of debris, brush, and fallen branches. For wastes made from wood, we can use wood chippers to make them into smaller pieces. You may keep the wood chips for your own or you can ask our staff to haul them away from your land.

    If you need your backyard or a commercial lot area cleared, call Royce Tree Service.

    No job too large or too small for Royce Tree Service Canton

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